Key differentiators

  • Our volunteers provide companionship and vital social activities
  • Our volunteers help senior veterans re-engage with traditional social support networks
  • Our volunteers share the joy of living

Our volunteer network  

Our network of volunteers and community service organizations work together to ensure that senior veterans do not fall through the cracks. There are volunteer opportunities for every age and every skill level. You can become a tutor, an instructor, a companion, a driver or a helper. You can take a veteran hiking, hunting or fishing. You can have a conversation with an elderly veteran in your community or bring a veteran a treat on Thanksgiving or Christmas. We believe that one volunteer can change the course of a veteran's life, by simply showing that we care.​​​


Our families, our communities and our nation grow stronger.

Elderly veterans need more social engagement

The Marin Veterans Senior Center ensures that there always be a warm smile and a hot cup of coffee for any veteran who needs it, 7 days a week. Our volunteers provide companionship, classes, activities, programs, outings, concerts, lectures, adventures, game nights, folk and line dancing, community sing-a-longs, etc. And we help veterans re-engage with traditional social support networks such as faith-based groups, community organizations and local veterans' organizations such as the American Legion, the VFW and the VVA.

Who We Are

We are a volunteer organization--civilians and veterans, students, scouts, businesses, faith groups and community service organizations--dedicated to helping elderly veterans experience the joy of living.    

Social isolation is a major problem

Over 85% of Marin County veterans are from the Vietnam Era and many of them suffer from varying degrees of social isolation. Aging, losing a spouse, accessing proper medical care, arranging for transportation and staying current with telephone and computer technology can quickly become overwhelming, demoralizing and isolating. Social isolation for elderly veterans can be particularly devastating, increasing their risk of anxiety, depression, hopelessness and despair.


When our veterans succeed, we succeed.​​​

Who we are ​

The Marin Veterans Senior Center ensures that senior veterans always have a welcoming place to go and interesting things to do, 7 days a week. Our volunteers share the joy of living by providing ongoing, community-based social activities and we provide our volunteers with meaningful ways to give back to veterans. We are civilians and veterans, students, scouts, businesses, faith groups and community organizations working together to end social isolation. We are self-supporting, volunteer led and do not accept governmental funding.

   Volunteer      Honor      Donate


By creating a senior center where veterans are warmly welcomed, honored

and appreciated, 7 days a week. 

Our Mission 

To foster community appreciation, volunteer engagement and social support for senior veterans.

Help us share the joy of living

Help us share the joy of living

Cooperation and collaboration

The Marin Veterans Senior Center works to increase collaboration and cooperation among all of the local organizations that support Marin veterans. We host workshops, classes, open-houses and community events that get veterans out of the house and interacting with the organizations that serve them. We host volunteer fairs and mentoring classes to help teach high school students how best they can support our veterans. And we host guest lecturers, authors and experts to speak to the challenges of veteran aging and isolation and what the Marin community can do to help re-engage with our veterans. The Marin Veterans Senior Center provides:

1) Veterans Outreach

  • Drop-in fellowship, coffee, doughnuts and companionship--7 days a week
  • Classes, workshops, technology tutoring, etc.
  • Social activities--game nights, student performances, sing-a-longs, line dancing, etc.
  • Special holiday gatherings during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve

2) Community Outreach

  • Host veterans' fairs, volunteer fairs and open houses
  • Re-engage veterans in veterans service organizations (American Legion, VFW, VVA)
  • Host guest lecturers, authors and speakers to raise awareness on veterans' issues
  • Host special musical performances and appreciation events honoring veterans