Business Mentoring

Each year, 200,000 troops return home without targeted career support. We are expanding our nationwide network of companies (our hiring partners) and volunteer mentors to provide the business training and work experience that many veterans need.

Our hiring portal

In addition to our hiring partner program, we provide a hiring portal. Our portal is open to all employers, including companies that are not yet enrolled in our hiring partner program. Our portal provides access to a global hiring market, increasing our veterans' chances of landing a meaningful job with a great company.  

Successful veterans working for successful companies  

Our hiring partners alert us to the positions they need filled and the specific skill-sets and software required for those positions. Our volunteer mentors "pre-train" our veterans to master those skills. This greatly reduces the need for on-the-job training and greatly improves the employablity of our veterans.

Ongoing career development

Our veterans develop the business skills that employers want. Our mentors help our veterans prepare their resumes and practice their interview skills so they get hired. Once hired, our veterans gain vital work experience and begin to establish the business relationships they need to build amazing careers. Our ongoing career development programs and alumni networks ensure the continued success of our veterans and their families. 

Veterans make exceptional employees​

Together with our hiring partners and mentors, we are committed to unleashing the economic power and human potential of our returning veterans. Our veterans are proven leaders that know how to solve problems and produce results. They make extraordinary, long-term employees and we provide the ongoing career support they need for continued success. 

Help a veteran succeed at home

Starting businesses

For veterans looking to start new businesses, our mentors walk our veterans through the process of writing business plans, creating pitch decks and attracting outside investors.

Alumni & family programs 

Our alumni network and ongoing career development programs ensure the continued success of our veterans and their families. 

The need for mentored career development

Transitioning back into civilian life presents many challenges. Returning soldiers often lack the social support and business networks that we at home take for granted. Husband, wives, families and friends are often ill-equipped to provide the the sustained career support that our troops need.


When our veterans succeed, we succeed.​​​

Expanding our national network  

Our nationwide network of volunteers, veterans, mentors, clergy, businesses and volunteer-based programs work together to ensure that our veterans have access to the resources and support they need to succeed. You can make a difference by simply sharing a meal with a veteran or driving a veteran to a doctor's appointment. There are volunteer opportunities in our housing, job training and counseling programs. You can become a mentor, a companion or you can hire a veteran. You can take a veteran hiking, hunting or fishing. You can have a conversation with an elderly veteran in your community and bring them a treat on Thanksgiving or Christmas. We believe that one volunteer can change the course of a veteran's life, by simply showing up and caring.​​​

Combining career development and supportive housing

In addition to the initiatives above, we rent and manage existing single-family homes where veterans receive one-on-one mentoring, secure meaningful employment, establish successful career paths and then move into their own housing. They receive the social support they need to acclimate to civilian living and they receive the career support they need to establish new civilian careers. Our alumni network and ongoing career development programs ensure the continued success of our veterans and their families. 

Software training

We train our veterans with the specific software that our hiring partners currently use. This ensures that our veterans are ready to manage email, calendars, customer databases, projects and basic accounting on their first day.

The solution

For decades, our team has taught volunteers the centuries old process of warrior restoration, renewal and reintegration. Now, we are expanding our network of volunteer-based programs to serve every veteran, in every community in the United States. At, we believe that volunteers play a vital role in our veterans' health and well-being. We match volunteers to veterans and veterans to resources to ensure that our veterans succeed in civilian life. We are self-supporting, volunteer-led and do not accept governmental funding.

Our mission 

To reconnect veterans and civilians through healing, love and service.

Experienced mentors

Our experienced mentors come from many walks of life. They share a love of veterans and they understand what employers want. Our mentors work to improve our veterans’ professonal writing, verbal communications and critical thinking abilities and teach industry specific and company specific business and software skills. After our veterans get hired, our mentors continue to help them expand their business networks and advance their careers.  

Whenever a veteran reaches out for help,  


We reach out to veterans in our communities to ensure they have access to the resources and support they need.

Paid apprenticeships

We partner with emerging start-ups that offer paid apprenticeships (positions that often turn into permanent placements). This helps young veterans gain the real-world work experience that employers love. 


Our families, our communities and our nation grow stronger.

Who We Are

We are a national network of volunteers, veterans, mentors, businesses, clergy and

volunteer-based programs dedicated to helping veterans succeed in civilian life. 

A win-win for hiring partners and veterans

When our veterans get hired, they are prepared to add value from day one. Our hiring partners gain loyal, hard-working employees who immediately contribute to their companies. Our veterans gain the business skills, business relationships and work experience they need to establish successful careers and ensure prosperous futures for their families.  

we want our hand to be there

Volunteer          Mentor          Donate

Key differentiators

•Volunteers provide vital social support and interactions
•Volunteers improve access to existing resources, services and programs
•Volunteers help attend to the needs of the whole person

The problem

Over 1,000,000 veterans currently struggle with housing, employment, medical care and social isolation. Adjusting to civilian life, figuring out a new way to earn a living, accessing medical care and applying for military benefits can quickly become overwhelming and isolating. As a result, veterans and their families often struggle long after leaving the military. It does not have to be this way.